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Digital Patent Services / DPS Files / Price Sheet

We invoice and accept payment via check or credit card. Call us for special volume rates and discounts.

Patent File Histories / Wrappers

Delivery time: Same day to next day.  Delivery Options Details

US File History Searchable PDF
(Download or CD-ROM) & Bookmarked

$1.00 per page
(minimum charge $50)

US File History - Printed (Paper Copy)
(with tab dividers)

$1.00 per page

(minimum charge $50)

File Histories - In-Stock
(documents we already have)

$0.75 per page

Cited Non-Patent Literature in file histories (publications)

$1.00 per page

Cited US Patent references

$3.00 each

Cited Foreign references

$10.00 each

NPL - Documents Only from PTO electronic pair or paper patent files. (sample format)

$50 plus $1.00 per page

Select papers or NPL documents from paper or PAIR files (additional fees may apply for searching through jumbo files)

$50 plus $1.00 per page

Super Rush Patent File(s): If you do not receive your files within 4 hours, you will be charged only the applicable regular service rate above.

$1.25 per page

Special Pricing is available on large document, bulk orders, or frequent users. Please, contact us to dicuss discount rates.

Foreign Patent File Histories

DPS has contacts in every country internationally with patent offices and foreign vendors and is able to provide the best pricing and service available.

Prices and delivery vary. See Foreign File Fees & Services.

Assignment Document Searches and Copies

Delivery time: Within one hour.

Complete Assignment Chain Abstract of Title & Reel/Frame Copies

$50 + 1 per page

Copies of Assignment Reel / Frame

$35 + 1 per page

Family Reports



Research of Documents

$75 per hour

Paper Patent Copies

U.S. Patent

$3.00 per patent

WO & EP Patents or Publications

$10.00 per patent

Special Order non-U.S. Patent Publications

$35.00 minimum

U.S., EP, WO Patent Download Images

$2.50 per patent

Non-U.S. Patent Publications (available in our collection)

$10.00 per patent

(Jumbo fees apply)


CD-ROM Patent Copies

U.S Patent OCR Searchable PDF Image

$6.00 per patent

Foreign Patent OCR Searchable PDF Image

$10.00 per patent

Non-Patent Literature or Publication - Searching

DPS utilizes every possible resource and are experts in Searching for hard to find non-patent literature and other publications. All Files and Documents are nicely bookmarked and with OCR searchable text.

$55 hr + cost

IP Patent Searches
IP Patent Searches

See Searching

Patent Downloads (instant)

Patent Download System

$2.00 each

Certification Services

Delivery time: Varies with circumstances.

DPS specializes in submitting the correct information in the proper format for all varies certification request and maintains constant communication with PTO regarding all request submitted to ensure the best turnaround times possible.

Certified Patent File History

$100.00 + PTO fees

Certified Assignment Chain of Title

$50.00 + PTO fees

Certified Patent Assignment Reel /Frame

$50.00 + PTO fees

Certified Patent Application as Filed

$50.00 + PTO fees

Certified Patent or Publication

$55.00 + PTO fees

* Additional fees may apply on jumbo size documents and older files that require us to pay additional upfront fees to PTO.

* Certified orders cannot be canceled (per USPTO).


Legalization & Authentication

Delivery time: Within 1-2 weeks.

We authenticate documents from the US Department of State and certify them at the requested foreign consulate or embassy. We also apostille your documents at the US Department of State, and legalize all your documents including patent and trademark registrations, assignments, agreements, and powers of attorney, applications, etc.

Authentication (For countries that only require an apostille)

$150.00 + expenses

Legalization (for countries that require authentication / embassy legalization)

$125.00 + expenses

* Expenses may include:
  Embassy Fees, Money orders and Certified Checks,
  Copy Fees, Courier Fees, Applicable Taxes, etc.
 *Additional fees for legalization of some countries that require higher fees/cost and for upfront cost.

Ship physical documents for Legalization and/or Authentication to:

Attn: Thomas Lupo
DPS Files, Inc.
4900 S. 31st St
2nd Floor
Arlington, VA 22206

For questions or follow-up, you can call us at 800-741-3117.
We always confirm receipt of your documents via email.

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