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USPTO Certification of Documents

DPS provides the fastest certification services in the industry. Our certification specialists coordinate directly with the PTO staff and submit every request with detail and accuracy to avoid any delay requests.

USPTO Certification Services

Certified copies are authenticated by the USPTO ribbon and seal with the signature of an authorized certifying officer.

USPTO Certification of Documents

  • Certified Patent File Histories
  • Certified Patent Application as Filed
  • Certified Assignment Reel & Frame Copies
  • Certified Patent Assignment Titles
  • Certified Patent or Publications
  • Certified Papers from Files
  • Certified Trademark Registrations

Most often ordered:

A Certified Application As Filed includes the original application documents and is commonly used when filing abroad and claiming benefit of the U.S. application's filing date.

A Certified File Wrapper includes the complete prosecution history and is commonly used in judicial proceedings.

Delivery of Documents

Some documents may be sent to you to download computer via PDF the Internet Download or mailed to you on CD-ROM or paper.
(Time Frame varies 2 - 25 days depending on type of documents ordered)

To place an order use our Online Order Form or email it to:


Questions? Contact our Certification Specialist: (800) 741-3117 or (571) 312-3819.

Customer Service staff are available between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern.

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